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Deputation of Xiangtan Government Visits Business and Trade Union in Guangdong

author:  Pageviews:1465  release time:2017-04-20

Seek for mutual benefit and reinforce the strategy of “Lead in innovation and arise with opening-up” 
On December 14th to 17th , Cao Jiongfang, the director of Xiangtan’s NPC Standing Committee, led the deputation to Guangzhou and Shenzhen for an investigation to enterprises such as R&F Properties, China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd., AxEnd.Inc.. Meanwhile, they had a talk to some entrepreneurs who were born in Hunan province about their feelings to the hometown and situation of trade and market. The visit to Guangdong is an absolute practice of Xiangtan’s “One Belt, One Part” regional positioning and “lead in innovation and arise with opening-up” strategy enforcement. The open-up Xiangtan, standing in Pearl River Delta, China’s window to the world, is showing its charms to invite others here for mutual benefit.
     PRD is an important engine of China’s economic development. It’s a door of the South in China to outside. Xiangtan has its advantages in geography and resource; so its opening to the south may connect it to PRD so as to undertake the industry gradient shift.
AxEnd Inc., located in Guangzhou’s Development Zone, is a high-tech company that has committed to future RF technology and wireless communication systems. It proposed an investment of 2 billion Yuan to build 5G mobile communication and RF   industry base in High-tech Zone of Xiangtan, separating into three phases. It has the advanced science and technology, of which the market is promising. At present, AxEnd Inc. is devoted to expand its productivity and it’s planning to move its headquarters from Guangzhou to Xiangtan.
During the visit, Li Yuexing, the CEO of AxEnd Inc. hoped that Xiangtan government could offer help in construction of R&D texting platform and recruitment of core technology talent. Cao mentioned that Xiangtan was building a newly smart city so there would be plenty of chance for both to cooperate.
“Welcome fellow townsmen back to the hometown for building it” is another task of the visit. In headquarters of Xiangtanese Trade Union in Shenzhen, the deputation had a glowing talk to the entrepreneurs. The three-hour talk was about hot issues of Xiangtan and the entrepreneurs’ missing Xiangtan. The businessmen showed a great enthusiasm to their hometown’s development.
      Liao Keqin, the director of Hunan government’s office in Shenzhen, and Chen Zhonghong, Fu jun, officials of Xiangtan government participated to the investigation or talk. 

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